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Yes! We are insured. We take every precaution to ensure that your home or business isn’t damaged in any way during your Christmas light installation. We are eager to serve you in the best way we can. Our Christmas light installers are excellently trained to work in a safe manner.
Our full service Christmas light installers will elegantly decorate your home or business to put you in the Christmas spirit. Our Christmas light installers provide the lights, custom fit the lights to the specific dimensions of your home or business, repair the lights, and in January safely remove the lights. The lights will turn on and off by themselves; you don’t have to touch a bulb.
We are very competitive with our prices and we want your business. Give us a call at 855-934-2645 and schedule a FREE estimate. An Illuminate lighting specialist will come to your home or business and give you a free consultation and estimate for your holiday light installation. We cannot give estimates over the phone without seeing your property.
We do not hang customer lights, unless you are a business.
Please don’t hesitate to tell us! We are here for you and want your holiday light installation to be everything you hoped it would be. Let us know how we can better satisfy you. Our Christmas light installers want to make you happy. We love our services and products and will make sure you do too.
We will promptly repair your lights within 24 hours of your letting us know; and all for no extra charge.
The Christmas lights are leased to you for the season.
The best way to receive amazing discounts is to call us EARLY (Sept-Oct). We offer discounts up to 25% off on our services depending on the time you contact us. Call us now and ask about our discounts.
In many cases they can be installed the day after the estimate, if you contact us early. We can only service a select number of customers. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can get to work for you. Installations begin in early Oct. Call us now, it’s never too early to schedule your holiday light installation.

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